Pickup Locations

3 Convenient Locations

We offer two great, convenient, pickup locations to Wrightville Beach, Wilmington, & Topsail.

W. Castle St.
Wilmington, NC 28401

109 Causeway Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28405

Shrimp Lady Lane
North Topsail Beach, NC 28460

Wrightsville Beach, NC

As a highest sought after tourist area, it is known for its beautiful clean beach and crystal clear water along with some of the best inshore fishing along the coast of North Carolina. On these guides tours, the abundant wildlife may be expected to be seen from birds to mammals, such as Bottle Nose Dolphin.

The abundance of Redfish all year long with Trout in the fall and winter time makes some great sport fishing for all ages and skill levels.

Topsail Beach, NC

Topsail Beach is well known for its friendly hospitality and its small beach town feeling along with some great local seafood.

Topsail Beach is also well known for its shallow water fishing with its calm waters that keeps seasickness out of the picture for those that can’t take the “motion of the ocean”. The fishes habitats, of oyster reef and grass flats makes for some amazing fishing for our state fish Red Drum.

Wilmington, NC

Historic Wilmington along the Cape Fear River where the pirates one sailed, is a great place to explore historic downtown with all its history.

The fishing on the Cape Fear River is an amazing experience chasing after Redfish Trout and Stripers.

Sutton Lake is one of the best trophy lakes for Large Mouth Bass and is an all year around fishery due to the fact it is a cooling lake for the power plant.

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